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  Andrew Eckel's new album Make a Laser Sound is a 15-track, kaleidoscopic funk-fest with unexpected harmonies
and unpredictable lyrics. There are several songs about love (some celebrating it, some cynical about it), several
following a stream of consciousness, and others about a sanitation workers' strike, a hostage situation in a restaurant,
guards at an art museum, and the 2007 Boston bomb scare caused by LED signs advertising a cartoon (Aqua Teen
Hunger Force). Eckel sings, raps (a little), and plays piano, drums, marimba, vibraphone, and more, and sixteen of
his friends show up to play other instruments.

The making of Make a Laser Sound was an ambitious, two-year project in Cambridge, MA. For the first time, Eckel
would show the influence of his favorite album, Beck's Odelay, as well as other ambitious musical cyclones like Boys
For Pele
(Tori Amos), Flood and Lincoln (They Might Be Giants), Remain in Light (Talking Heads), Blond on Blonde
(Bob Dylan), Since I Left You (Avalanches), and Paul's Boutique (Beastie Boys). The plan was also to cram as many
good ideas as possible into every single track, and to jump at any lucky opportunity to put interesting instruments on
the album. This resulted in the use of many players from the MIT Wind Ensemble, a harpsichord, a Turkish crescent,
a waterphone, video game sounds, a toy piano, six backup singers, and a Fender Rhodes. The album was made on a
$0 budget, using no recording studios, but Andrew mixed the album with painstaking precision, putting in the kind of
extra time that almost no outside producer would've ever spent on it, so it the entire album glistens and shines like
the kind of expensive album that would have bankrupted his record label, if he had one. Make a Laser Sound is full
of surprises and is available at

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