Andrew Eckel : Summer Heat : Secrets

Here are some secrets for those of you who already own a copy of Summer Heat:

1. The lyrics to "I'll Go Along" are the response to "A Better Way to Spend Your Summer" and "Judy Burhans".

2. The first lines of the chorus of "Judy Burhans" is taken from a car commercial:
"It's huger than the 4th of July! Declare your independence from high prices!" - Joey Fuscillo

3. Okay, here's the biggest secret I'll reveal: The album has two hidden messages that you can only hear if you listen on headphones and pull the headphone plug slightly out of the jack. The trick doesn't work on every player, but try laptops. I guarantee it works on an IBM ThinkPad and doesn't work on an HP Pavilion. You'll know you're pulling the plug out the right amount if the vocals in track 2 disappear. I will not reveal where the messages are on the album or what they mean. So, there's still some secrets left.



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