1. Paperweight Startingblock (from the album Summer Heat) 4:55

A song about childhood, the only track that's previously released.
2. Paperweight Startingblock (instrumental) 4:55

The instrumental mix of track 1, like a hip-hop single would have.
3. Fireplace (featuring Fred Eckel) 3:36

A love song, with my dad on piano!
4. Wild Song 3:57

Changing time signatures, changing instrumentation, and changing minds.
5. Judy Burhans - performed by Spyplane Byplane 3:40

The rock-band version of a song originally from Summer Heat.
6. Hands Over Hers - performed by Spyplane Byplane 4:45

When the guitar solo finally kicks, you will lose it.
7. Gleeger (piano version) 1:34

The ninth chords have come back to roost.
8. Heart and Vole 3:16

A pretty piano solo where the left hand plays its rhythm 9 times for every 4 times the right hand plays its own.
9. Button - performed by Andrew Eckel and Zane Van Dusen 3:47

A funky, funky, funky song about the contents of a refridgerator.
10. Variation on a Wild Song - performed by Eric Chan 3:18

Eric's instrumental take on my song gets spacey.
11. Time Capsule 7:07

For use in the future.

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A Word About the Artwork
Winter Heat features some great-looking construction-paper-and-magazine collages by Keelin Purcell!

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