Where's Jonah?

The Andrew Eckel Ensemble was a group I had from 2003 to 2005 that specialized in drastically rearranged cover songs. I learned how to arrange music by writing arrangements for this group.

Limb By Limb (Phish cover)
Out on the Weekend (Neil Young cover)
Cigarette (Ben Folds cover)

Heard in all 3 mp3s: Dave Cheung - clarinet / Andrew Eckel - drumset, vocals / Jonah Sacks - cello, electric bass / Peter Tu - viola
Extra musicians in "Limb By Limb": Doug Dukes - vocals / Nic Engel - vocals / Jesse Newman - electric violin

Another lineup, with Zane Van Dusen on bass (pictured), plays "Hands Over Hers" on my album Summer Heat.

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