Sound Collages
Vince - This track is made up of a few rap songs chopped into little pieces, with live piano, bells, and organ overlayed. It reminds me of the way some people play drum solos that have no "rhythms", only hits and textures. It's a certain type of music that really appeals to me and this is one of the best examples of it I've ever made.
RPI Public Choice January 2003 - The point of these Public Choice Projects is that I ask a certain number of people to submit audio, from wherever they want, and I reassemble bits of all the requests into a single piece. In this case, I asked eight RPI freshmen to submit the audio.
Public Choice March 2002 - my mix - This rules of this round of the project involved two different sound collage artists mixing from 16 requests, without discussing the progress until both mixes were done. The only difference between the submissions for Marris's mix and those for mine is that Marris samples my request (as one of the 16) (a lo-fi recording of my bus ride home from high school) and I sample his pop-rap request. This sound collage is by far the longest on the page -- I managed to fill nine minutes without a dull or redundant moment.
Public Choice March 2002 - Marris's mix - You'll notice Marris and I both took the one 3/4 time signature song submited and made it 4/4, but in different ways. In my mix (at 4:27), the melody first appears with a rest added to fill the fourth beat, then (4:43) with the third beat stretched to take up two beats, and last (4:59) with the first beat stretched to take up two beats. In Marris's mix, the same exact section of the 3/4 song appears (during the end fade), but with the third beat played twice each time. When I first received Marris's mix, I thought maybe he had used some stuff that wasn't really submitted, but he explained to me that he had taken the raw-sounding guitar of the submitted punk rock song and slowed it down and reversed it, making it sound somewhat like a cello. Awesome.
Public Choice June 2001 - For this mix, I made the mistake of asking eight people for songs to sample and another four people for RAP TOPICS! When the rapper that said she'd do the project with me backed out, I decided to write and perform the raps myself. I'm actually not half bad at doing corny raps, but it's just not what I should be doing with my life. The topics submitted were: "pestalence [sic] and/or artificial cheese", "against chastity", "kitties", and "the adventurous life of a sea sponge". If you can't be bothered with embarassing rapping, please move on.
Public Choice 10.29.01 - My first Public Choice project and maybe my favorite. This mix, assembled from 7 submissions, doesn't use as many complicated techniques or clean cuts as the others, but it does have country, goth, pop folk, Broadway, psych drumming, and more all in under two minutes.
Scratchy - Harp, funky bass, funky drums, horn blasts, a goofy monologue, and scratching in under a minute. One of my earliest mixes, accessible for the whole family.
Sound Collage 6.9.00 - Where were you on the night of June 9, 2000?

Misc Audio
Milkshake - My instrumental cover of the Kelis song (originally produced by the Neptunes). When I made this, I had gotten really good at arranging, but I wasn't so hot at mixing and producing. Someday I'll re-recording this arrangement. The musicians on this track are Dave Cheung (clarinet), Andrew Eckel (bass drum, bongos, acoustic piano, marimba, rainstick, snare drums, triangle, xylophone), Jonah Sacks (cello, electric bass), Peter Tu (viola), and Zane VanDusen (electric guitar).
Introduction to Communication Theory - Sessions - This is by a band I put together to be in the RPI Battle of the Bands. Our actual performance was more "accessible" than these three segments of our practices, not that that got us any votes. Musicians: Andrew Eckel (drumset), "Texas" Chris Mulvaugh (MORE drumset), Brian Reece (electric bass), Jonah Sacks (electric cello), Tom Aldridge (keyboard). Click for photos.
Capitaland Quarterley demos - I wrote a theme that was used for an TV show about business news on the Albany area NBC and PBS affiliates. These are the demos I initially submitted....
Capitaland Quarterley Theme - ...and this is the completed theme I gave them.