Fignerales, Part 1
Music Video: ???
October, 2021

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Music Video: Two voices say totally different things using mainly the same syllables.
November, 2019

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Shells in Shallow Water and Wild Song
Live at the Belmont Media Center, Belmont, MA
January 12th, 2019

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The Table's Edge
Live at the Belmont Media Center, Belmont, MA
November 17th, 2018

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The Ending (Percussion Ensemble Version)
Music Video: You're STILL trapped in the dark, and now there's a marimba involved.
March 2018

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Bummer Car
Music Video: A happy, summery song with an unhappy name.
June 2017

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VideoTimeEditor demo
Demo of a video algorithm where the darkest pixels are the most delayed.
February 2017

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The Ending
Music Video: You are trapped in the dark while a voice scolds you about a movie script.
December 2016

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Reading in Bed
A couple happily reading in bed runs into a few problems.
June 2014
Official Selection, 2015 Speechless Film Festival. Official Selection, 2015 Woods Hole Film Festival.
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Spider Spiders and Bats
Bats? Bats. Bats? Bats.
March 2013

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Spider Roommates
Just kickin' it.
October 2011

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Andrew Eckel - Live at GZ, RPI
Covering Ryan Jenkins songs.
October 3, 2008

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Button by Andrew Eckel and Zane Van Dusen
A music video filmed in a music classroom.
March 2006

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Spiral Staircase Disaster!
Heavy metal travel directions from Raj's Mouth to the Hudson River.
December 2005

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eMPAC 3D Wraparound Video
An unauthorized three-dimentional look at a high-tech building being constructed at the Rennselaer Polytechnic Institute.
Lo-fi 3D, who knew that was possible?

September 2005
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Where the Heck is the GZ Performance Space?
Another video intended for RPI students, this time a real promotion for an artists-and-musicians club called Ground Zero.
Music: Andrew Eckel Ensemble (first 5 seconds), Zane! Zane! (entire rest of movie)
October 2005
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Grohl's Diner Collapses
A pillow fort discussion about high school and a sleeping friend.
Arpil 2005

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Two kids talking in funny voices.
April 2005
Viewing suggestion: Watch this, and then "Grohl's Diner Collapses."
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Vegas Lunch
Live-action stop-motion.
April 2004

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Lizard By Nature - Prismatic Boulevard (live 1-9-04)
My trombone-keyboard-drumset trio rocks out in a suburban livingroom.
Filmed January 9th, 2004. Edited Winter 2004.

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Ah the Boat
A minute-long animation in which a sound waveform turns into a Jack-O-Lantern, and a boat turns into a boat.
But it's funny.
April 2003
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Lizard By Nature - Prismatic Boulevard (live 1-9-03)
Same band, same song, at an earlier, livlier birthday party. But which is the better performance?
Compare and contrast.

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Snow Only Thanks Paper

December 2002

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Les Witt

November 2002

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A boy sells his soul to the devil for a class paper. Crazy high-schoolers.
Directed by Brad Baily, Steve Borzykowski, and Andrew Eckel.
Filmed Spring 2002. Edited February 2004.
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Here's the info for the two movies I made in high school. They're not available online, but one's on DVD, at least.
Salisbury Blues (2000)
Displaced (2001)