Reading in Bed
Written, Directed, and Scored by Andrew Eckel

A couple happily reading in bed run into a few problems.
This hand-drawn, marker-on-paper animation was filmed using 1,150 drawings by 21 animators, which were alternately lit by a pair of lamps and a set of flashlights shining through crystals and reflecting off of mirror balls.

Kevin Amaral
Andrew Eckel
Cassie Filios
Ondi Gottesman
Shahinda Hamadani
Brittany Hamtil
Molly Hess
Jason Jammallo
Dani Kumpulanian
Kate Longley
Ben Marder
Dennis Miaw
Ali Nolin
Jennie Ngo
Natalia Nodiff
Ernest Paulin
Andrew Rajczewski
George Schneeloch
Austin Scola
Bianca Sedillos
Joe Thornton


Lars Johnson - Oboe
Sarah Abraham - Bassoon
Emily Fritz-Endres - Clarinet
Emily Jackson - Flute
Charles Lin - Violin
Laurel Pardue - Viola
Jonah Sacks - Cello
Andrew Eckel - Piano, Vibraphone, Drums, Foley Effects

The waves sound is “mar ppp.wav” by Pablo Viņa, available on under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.

Official Selection, 2015 Speechless Film Festival.
Official Selection, 2015 Woods Hole Film Festival.

Bonus! Uncropped Version

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